Go Fish Gallery, New York to Feature Dunphy's Work

During Design Week 2007, the New York Meatpacking District features Ms. Dunphy's work at Ivy Jean Brown’s Go Fish Gallery, 675 Hudson St. #4N. Didi's new Chain of Love and other modern furnishings are on view May 10th - June 6th, 2007 in the Sculpture and Design Objects Show, and a Peroni-sponsored reception takes place on Sunday, May 20th 6:00 – 8:00PM.

The new Let’s Fall in Love Collection adds the “Kissing Jim” and “Chain of Love” to Ms. Dunphy’s menagerie of play furnishings. This timely collection celebrates love, the ultimate manifestation of peaceful, productive coexistence! These as well as pieces from Dunphy's Recess Line are on view at Go Fish through the beginning of June.

Go Fish Gallery, New York

Gallery Invitation to Didi's Show